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Achieving an energy-efficient future is not a distant dream; it can be realised today with the right guidance and actions. By working together, we can create a brighter, cleaner, and more energy-efficient future, safeguarding the planet for future generations. We can help you achieve a cost effective energy efficient future, today

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What We Offer

Saving energy is about making the right choices. We will show you what you can do and how it can be done simply and easily. Identify the right options that will best suit your home within current guidelines and regulations. Maximise your return on the right insulation and heating options for your home. Keep your heating bills to a minimum.

We will help you to access the grants and funding that is applicable to you and your needs. Apply for the right funding without stress. Identify local technical assessors and contractors that will be the right fit for your project. 


What We Offer

Domestic Technical Assessment
Detailed package of energy upgrade measures to bring your home to a minimum B2 Building Energy Rating and make your home heat pump ready.

Energy Upgrade Ready
Energy Saver Consult is available to support homeowners to assess what will best fit and improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Funding Access
Ensuring homeowners have full access to eligible Government funding that is available through our partnered schemes.

Contractor resources
We will recommend qualified contractors who are proficient and accredited to carry out energy upgrade works on your home.

3Es programme – Energy Efficiency Education
The change exercise/Make the change that saves you time and money.

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Our Process

CEC will guide homeowners through process from start to finish.

Step One

CEC has procured Main contractors to carry out all fabric upgrades and plumbers for heat pump and PV installations.

Step Two

CEC has Technical Assessors on board to carry out surveys on houses in a timely manner once application from the homeowner is received.

Step Three

Technical Assessor is issued with details of home and a full technical assessment is carried out, giving homeowners advice on the best and most cost-efficient upgrades for their home, and how to achieve an B2 energy rating, with guided prices for each upgrade element.

Step Four

Contractors provide a detailed quotation for the home supplied and the list of measures recommended by the Energy Advisor.

Step Five

CEC will issue a pricing documentation and a survey report to the homeowner, if the homeowner wishes to proceed, contracts will be drawn up.

Step Six

Once a letter of offer is received from SEAI for works to proceed the homeowner will sign contracts with the contractor and pay ECTC 40% of the cost of works net of grant before the contractor starts on site.

Step Seven

CEC provide quality check and final inspections on all energy upgrade works. The Energy Auditor will carry out final BER assessments and Airtightness tests .

Step Eight

Operation manual/ handover pack will be prepared, submitted, and delivered to the homeowner on completion of the project