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Achieving an energy-efficient future is not a distant dream; it can be realised today with the right guidance and actions. By working together, we can create a brighter, cleaner, and more energy-efficient future, safeguarding the planet for future generations. We can help you achieve an energy efficient future, today.

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What We Offer

Saving energy is about making the right choices. We will show you what you can do and how it can be done simply and easily. Identify the right options that will best suit your building. Maximise your return on the right insulation and heating option. Keep your heating bills to a minimum.

We will help you to access the grants and funding that is applicable to you and your needs. Learn how to apply for the right funding in the right way without stress. Link up with reputable contractors of service – we will help you to identify the right contractors.


What We Offer

Commercial Energy Audit
Commercial Energy Audit is an important first step for your business to save money, save energy, and enhance your brand. An energy audit may be carried out on buildings, processes, or systems and it is a three-step process which involves preparation, a site visit and reporting. Possible vouchers of €2,000 available.

Energy Upgrade Ready
Energy Saver Consult is undertaken to support the business owner to assess what will best fit and protect their business such as Refrigeration Upgrades/PV Installations/Fabric Upgrades.

Technical compliance advice 
Protect your business and save unnecessary headache.

Energy Design consultancy
Ensures correct design is applied that is best for your business.

Funding application advisory
Provides you with experienced knowledge to submit your application in the right way which helps you to access the funding you need.

Contractor resources
We will recommend qualified contractors who are proficient and accredited.

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Our Process

Carrig Energy Consultancy will guide business owners through all the above process from start to finish.

Step One

Carrig Energy Consultancy (CEC) has sourced main contractors to carry out all fabric upgrades and plumbers for heat pump, refrigeration and PV installations.

Step Two

Energy Audit is carried out, report is written giving business owners advise on the best and most cost-efficient upgrades for their premises, and how to achieve a much-improved energy rating.

Step Three

Guide prices for each upgrade element will be supplied in the report to give business owners an idea of cost going forward. A copy of the report and pricing document will be issued to the contractors for specific pricing of all elements of recommended upgrades.

Step Four

CEC will issue pricing documentation and a survey report to the customer, if the customer is happy to proceed, a deposit of 5% is required to secure their place for grant funding.

Step Five

Grant funding application is made, once a letter of offer is received customers sign contracts and pay a % cost of works. A pricing schedule is created basis for the duration of the project.

Step Six

Work commence on site and ongoing Quality Assurance spot checks will be carried out on works.

Step Seven

SEAI Grant claim submitted, Grant funded paid out to business after inspection SEAI inspection completed.

Step Eight

Operation manual/ handover pack will be prepared, submitted, and delivered to the customer on completion of the project.